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Thank you for your interest in the Targa Albany Sprint.

Entries have now closed.

The Entry List and Start Order can be found on the Official Noticeboard - www.targaalbanysprint.com.au/noticeboard

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Ross, Jan & David

Targa West Pty Ltd

List of Entries:

First NameSurnameYearMakeModelClass
NeilHerbert1998SubaruImpreza WRX4WD 3500cc & over
DennisHeller2004MitsubishiLancer Evo 8 MR4WD 3500cc & over
JurgenLunsmann2019Tesla3 Performance+4WD up to 3500cc
DenverParker1993NissanSkyline R332WD 2000cc & over
CodySmith2000SubaruImpreza WRX STI Type RA4WD up to 3500cc
ToddBrinkworth1998Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 54WD up to 3500cc
JaredGoddard1996NissanSkyline2WD 2000cc & over
StanWilkins1993HondaIntegra2WD 2000cc & over
NathanTurrell1971BMW20022WD up to 2000cc
DamianBristow1992NissanSkyline GTR4WD up to 3500cc
AndrewMessenger 1998Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 54WD up to 3500cc
StephenMasters1999MitsubishiLancer Evolution 6 RS4WD up to 3500cc
AidanGould1994HondaCivic2WD 2000cc & over
MitchellPyke2011VWGolf GTT2WD up to 2000cc
WillWhite2006MitsubishiEvolution4WD up to 3500cc
JesseGray1989NissanSkyline R312WD 2000cc & over
BillStagoll2006Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 94WD up to 3500cc
MarkGreenham2006MitsubishiLancer Evo 94WD up to 3500cc
JeffreyThomas2012ToyotaGT862WD up to 2000cc
LukeSobolewski1994Nissan180SX2WD 2000cc & over
SimonGunson1970FordCapri2WD 2000cc & over
DaveStean1982FordMustang Foxbody2WD 2000cc & over
DamienKing1991NissanSilvia2WD 2000cc & over
BrendenAttard1999NissanSkyline2WD 2000cc & over
Glynn McBeath 1981DatsunSunny Ute2WD up to 2000cc
ShaneGough1989Nissan180SX2WD 2000cc & over
AdamMonck1995NissanSilvia2WD up to 2000cc
MarkCates2017Porsche911 GT3 RS2WD 2000cc & over
ShaunTapper1985HoldenVK commodore 2WD 2000cc & over
Mark Sugg1938FordPickup 2WD 2000cc & over
DineshPannu2005LotusExige2WD 2000cc & over
Cam Puzey1989SubaruLegacy RS4WD up to 3500cc
Aidan Brindle 1999Subaru Impreza WRX4WD up to 3500cc
RyanCondren1979FordEscort Mk22WD up to 2000cc
PeterMorley2016FordFocus4WD 3500cc & over
NeilMcloughlin1986BMWE302WD 2000cc & over
AdrianHornsey1989MazdaRX72WD 2000cc & over
PhilShephard 1953JaguarXK 120 Coupe2WD 2000cc & over
JaredSmith1998NissanSkyline R34 GTT2WD 2000cc & over
KeithHornsey1963Studebaker Lark2WD 2000cc & over
JakeSmith1998NissanSkyline2WD 2000cc & over
HudsonSforcina2000SubaruImpreza WRX4WD up to 3500cc
PaulSanford1999MitsubishiLancer Evo 64WD up to 3500cc
JohnKopcheff2009LamborghiniGallardo4WD 3500cc & over
David Hancock1992NissanSkyline GTS-T2WD 2000cc & over
Blair Bertocchi2004Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 94WD up to 3500cc
Michael Brandt2002MazdaRx72WD 2000cc & over
JustinWillis 1999Porsche GT32WD 2000cc & over
DamienRykers1981HoldenCommodore VH Group 32WD 2000cc & over
MattJames-Wallace1993NissanSkyline R32 GT-R4WD 3500cc & over
Denton Mann1970FordMustang4WD 3500cc & over
Bryce Moore1989BMWE30 M32WD 2000cc & over
BenjaminSugg2004Holden Commodore2WD 2000cc & over
ErrolGoodall1999BMW323i2WD 2000cc & over
StevenHenny1983FordFalcon2WD 2000cc & over
AlBlakers2008HoldenHSV2WD 2000cc & over
SethHigson1973ChevroletCanAm2WD 2000cc & over
MattLawson2005ToyotaCorolla Sportivo2WD up to 2000cc
DanielTrott1999SubaruImpreza4WD up to 3500cc
DavidDrury2017FordGT Mustang2WD 2000cc & over
BraydonKinnear2003Nissan350z 2WD 2000cc & over
AnthonyList1971FordEscort MK 12WD up to 2000cc
JustinMurphy1969ChevroletCamaro2WD 2000cc & over
GeneSchneider1996ToyotaST205 Celica GT44WD up to 3500cc
PaulPernechele1971FordFalcon2WD 2000cc & over
KevinBailey1993NissanSylvia2WD up to 2000cc
WarrickPike1996NissanSkyline R33 GTR V-SPec4WD 3500cc & over
JasonAfflick2009NissanR35 GTR4WD 3500cc & over
MarkAfflick1990NissanSkyline R32 GTR4WD 3500cc & over
MatthewArmstrong1986MazdaRX72WD 2000cc & over
ThorWilliams1986ToyotaSprinter2WD 2000cc & over
KevinLiono1994NissanSkyline2WD 2000cc & over
ChetTan1996NissanSkyline4WD 3500cc & over
BrianPoh1992ToyotaMR-S2WD 2000cc & over
CoenEllis1991ToyotaMR22WD 2000cc & over
RyanGosnay1995ToyotaSupra2WD 2000cc & over
ChristianLafferty1996NissanSilvia2WD 2000cc & over
ChrisCaruso2008DodgeViper ACR2WD 2000cc & over
ChrisCaruso2007ChevroletCorvette Z062WD 2000cc & over
TomWidenbar1980Porsche 944 Turbo2WD 2000cc & over
JonMurray1980TBATBA2WD 2000cc & over
JamiePaolucci2000HondaIntegra Type R2wd up to 2000cc
RogerSmith1973FordEscort2WD 2000cc & over
GlennBadger1980fordEscort2WD up to 2000cc
BrettWilliams2007Porsche Cayman S2WD 2000cc & over
MinasSamios1999Nissan Silvia2WD 2000cc & over
HaydenKing1996NissanSkyline GTST2WD 2000cc & over
RonEllerby2000SubaruWRX4WD over 2000cc
BryceLazdins2002SubaruWRX STI1601cc to 2000cc
BenPang1999HondaCivicup to and including 1600cc
EricLoo1992Honda Civic1601cc to 2000cc
DavidHancock2009LamborghiniGallardo4WD over 2000cc
BrendanAnesbury1976PorscheRWB2WD over 2000cc
BradKidd1976Porsche911 RSR2WD over 2000cc
GilesMortimer 1967FordFalcon XR2WD over 2000cc
BrodieMacDonald2007HoldenCommodore VE SS Ute2WD over 2000cc
GaryThorn2002SubaruImpreza WRX4WD over 2000cc